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Worldwake Booster Box (MTG)


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*Ancient forces begin to awaken, causing the world of Zendikar to wreak havoc upon its inhabitants. This exotic and dangerous world is made even more perilous and yet more attractive to adventurers and Planeswalkers wishing to plunder its treasures.

The new dangers of the moving plane and the shifting Roil has caused new locations to become unearthed and with them new treasures to uncover. Among these treasures both Planeswalkers and adventurers are drawn to the Eye of Ugin, a precursor to the awakening of something formidable.

Worldwake is the second set in the Zendikar cycle and contains a total 145 cards. The set expands and upgrades several key mechanics from Zendikar, Landfall and Kicker. Landfall triggers abilities that respond to land entering the battlefield, generally Landfall is on creatures but in Worldwake, they added Instants with Landfall to mess with your opponent. Kicker is upgraded to Multikicker, a mechanic where you can kick a spell once or multiple times and its effect is duplicated for each Kicker cost paid.

The theme of this is set animated lands and like Zendikar, they have included more full art basic lands! We see the return of the Kor, Vampires, Allies, and Quests as well… But the show stealer of this set is the infamous Jace, the Mind Sculptor. The only Planeswalker printed in Worldwake, Jace, the Mind Sculptor is arguably one of the most powerful Planeswalkers ever printed.


  • 36 Boosters Packs

*Description provided by the manufacturer.

Weight 2.2 kg

Booster Box
Description Worldwake


4.875" H x 8" W x 2.625" D


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Worldwake Booster Box (MTG)