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Renaissance (French) Booster Box (MTG)


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Renaissance, a reprint set very similar to Chronicles, was only released into German, French, and Italian markets. It was sold in booster packs of eight cards which included six commons and two uncommons. Each card carries the expansion symbol from the set it was originally printed in. The German and French versions are the same. They are black-bordered and contain all 122 cards that rotated into 4th Edition from expansions and sets that were not printed in the two languages.

They are categorized as follows:

  • Arabian Nights (10 cards)
  • Antiquities (23 cards)
  • Legends (55 cards)
  • The Dark (32 cards)
  • 2 cards from Unlimited which were not printed in Revised (Ironclaw Orcs & Twiddle).

The idea behind the release of this set was due to a company policy that stated that a card could not be put into a white-bordered set without first appearing in a black-bordered set in that language. The number of cards in each color is not the same.

There are:

  • 18 white
  • 18 blue
  • 19 black
  • 23 red
  • 16 green
  • 25 artifact and
  • 3 land cards

*Description provided by Manufacturer*

Weight 2.4 kg

Booster Box




8" H x 4.875" W x 2.625" D


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Renaissance (French) Booster Box (MTG)