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1999 World Championships Box with 12 Decks (MTG)


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With this 1999 World Championships Box bring home the best Magic: the Gathering cards from Magic: the Gathering Worlds. These decks contain different backs than normal Magic: the Gathering cards.Each sealed box has 5 Kai Budde, 3 Mark Le Pine, 2 Matt Linde and 2 Jakub Slemur theme decks. The 12 theme decks come with 90 cards in each deck:

Kai Buide (World Champion): 4 Covetous Dragons, 1 Karn, Silver Golem, 3 Masticore, 4 Cursed Scroll, 4 Fire Diamond, 4 Grim Monolith, 2 Mishra’s Helix, 4 Temporal Aperature, 4 Thran Dynamo, 4 Voltaic Key, 4 Wildfire, 2 Worn Powerstone, 3 Ancient Tomb, 4 City of Traitors, and 13 Mountains
Sideboard: 2 Boil, 3 Earthquake, 1 Mishra’s Helix, 1 Phyrexian Processor, 2 Rack and Ruin, 2 Shattering Pulse, and 4 Spellshock

Mark Le Pine (Finalist): 4 Avalanche Riders, 3 Fireslinger, 4 Jackal Pup, 4 Mogg Fanatic, 2 Arc Lightning, 4 Cursed Scroll, 3 Hammer of Bogardan, 4 Pillage, 4 Shock, 4 Stone Rain, 2 Ancient Tomb, 2 Ghitu Encampment, 16 Mountain, and 4 Wasteland
Sideboard: 1 Arc Lightning, 1 Fireslinger, 1 Flowstone Flood, 2 Masticore, 4 Scald, 2 Shattering Pulse, and 4 Thran Foundry

Jakub Slemr (Quarterfinalist):1 Bottle Gnomes, 1 Phyrexian Negator, 3 Phyrexian Plaguelord, 3 Ravenous Rats, 2 Ticking Gnomes, 2 Corpse Dance, 3 Cursed Scroll, 4 Dark Ritual, 4 Diabolic Edict, 4 Duress, 4 Powder Keg, 1 Rapid Decay, 2 Stupor, 1 Vampiric Tutor, 3 Yawgmoth’s Will, 2 Spawning Pool, 15 Swamp, 1 Volrath’s Stronghold, and 4 Wasteland
Sideboard: 1 Bottle Gnomes, 2 Carrion Beetles, 1 Evincar’s Justice, 1 Hatred, 2 Perish, 1 Persecute, 2 Phyrexian Negator, 3 Rapid Decay, 1 Sphere of Resistance, and 1 Stromgald Cabal

Matt Linde (Semifinalist):4 Albino Troll, 4 Elvish Lyrist, 4 Llanowar Elves, 4 Pouncing Jaguar, 4 River Boa, 2 Uktabi Orangutan, 4 Wild Dogs, 4 Cursed Scroll, 4 Giant Growth, 4 Rancor, 14 Forest, 4 Gaea’s Cradle, and 4 Treetop Village
Sideboard:3 Choke, 2 Constant Mists, 1 Hurricane, 2 Overrun, 3 Thran Foundry, 2 Uktabi Orangutan, and 2 Weatherseed Treefolk

Now you too can bring home the best of the best.

Weight 3.483 kg

Theme Deck Box




4.5" H x 5.5" W x 5" D


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1999 World Championships Box with 12 Decks (MTG)